City Living: Long Weekends in the City

May two-four, a.k.a. the official kick-off to summer, is finally here! If you’re part of the crowd fleeing the city for the cottage and good ol’ country partying – lucky you. However, if you’re stuck in the city, don’t despair. Here are a few urban escapes to make sure your weekend still rocks.

Plan a Private Picnic

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Toronto’s islands are just a short trip away by ferry, and if you walk over to one of the quieter areas, you can pretend you’re at your own lakeside retreat. Stop at St. Lawrence Market on your way and pick up fresh bread, cheese, antipasto and a bottle of your beverage of choice for an easy, impromptu picnic. 

Go for a Bike Ride

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Get on your bike and head to High Park for a leisurely ride. Or check out some suggestions for bike paths from BlogTO. Don’t have a bike? Bixi bikes, located all around Toronto, can be rented for just $5 for 24-hour access. 

Catch Some Sun

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A long weekend sunburn is definitely possible without leaving the city. Grab a few friends and head down to the Beaches. Sunbathe, play some beach volleyball, go for a stroll along the boardwalk… a few hours of sun exposure on your winter skin will have everyone asking you where you went on Tuesday, we promise.

Watch (or Light) Some Fireworks

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The popping noises will likely begin around dusk on Sunday and continue through Monday night if you’re in the city for Victoria Day. The best place for fireworks is Ashbridges Bay on Monday night, beginning around 9:30 p.m. Or you could always buy your own and find an open field somewhere, just sayin’.

Whatever you decide to do, we wish everyone a safe and happy Victoria Day!