Rave: The Iceman premiere and cast dinner

the midst of TIFF, we were offered tickets to not only attend
The Iceman premiere, but were
offered a place at the cast dinner, sponsored by
RUDSAK Canada. It’s rare that we get a chance to actually see a film, since we’re so busy working behind the scenes, so jumped on this opportunity (and wanted to share the experience).

at Volos, we had the chance to dine on amazing Greek food with the likes of Winona Ryder, Chris Evans, Ray Liotta, Michael Shannon and director Ariel
Vromen. Right.

 Actress Winona Ryder at The Iceman premiere and cast dinner. 
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were blown away by Chris Evans’s warm personality, and Winona’s tiny waist! We were lucky enough to sit next to her for the dinner, which is basically a teenage dream come true. While we didn’t get a chance to talk much with her, she was gracious and lovely throughout the evening.

Ray Liotta does his best gangster face on the red carpet.

Based on a true story, Richard Kuklinski (Shannon) seems to have the model American life, living with his wife Deborah (Ryder) and three children. But while living in his suburban home, unbeknownst
to his wife and children, he worked as a contract killer for four decades, for
the Gambino crime family. Kuklinski passed away in 2006, while serving five
consecutive life sentences for murder. At this time, it was unclear how many
murders could be attributed to his career, although some estimates are as high
as 250. 

The film tells the tale of his secret life, how his family discovers what his real job is and his subsequent incarceration. It’s super interesting and quite amazing to see how someone could get away with…. 250 murders for so long.

Michael Shannon as contract killer/family man Richard Kuklinski. 
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Although this sounds like a heavy plot, David Schwimmer
and Chris Evans provide amazing comedic relief that left the
audience laughing out loud.

The cast shares a laugh at the Q and A after the film.

The Q and A
following the film provided further comedic relief – and we always love when a crew that worked on a film together show genuine love and respect for each other in a Q and A. An audience member posed
the question “What was the hardest scene to film?” followed by Ray Liotta’s answer, “Any scene with David Schwimmer.”

hits screens in early 2013 – look out for it in a theatre near you!