Photo Friday: Fall

When we think fall, we think the delicious Thanksgiving feast, beautifully crafted leatherware and the crisp crunch of leaves under our feet. Our appreciation of the season gets squeezed in somewhere between the craziness of TIFF and the start of World MasterCard Fashion Week. Delightful tastes, colours and fashions- autumn is one of our favourite times of year, but before we know it it will all be replaced with mall Santas, snow storms and big down jackets.  

Image via Rudsak. 

City Living: Miracle Thieves

One of our favourite things about living in a big city like Toronto is finding those unique, magical spots that make you feel right at home the moment you walk in. Across from the northern edge of Trinity Bellwoods Park is a place just like that called Miracle Thieves.

Photo from Blog TO.

Miracle Thieves is the brainchild of Jennifer Maramba and Tiffany Naval and is best described as a ‘creative space’. On any given day, Miracle Thieves wears a number of different hats including that of a retail store, art gallery and community arts space. Their mandate is to “facilitate the growth of the individual’s creativity, while also serving as a platform for Toronto’s emerging creative economy.”

Since their opening in mid-July, Miracle Thieves has hosted a number of workshops open to the general public. They have varied from jewelry making to makeup application to visual branding. Inspired by all these creative endeavours, some of the girls from the fourth floor organized a pumpkin diorama workshop. On a sunny Sunday just before Halloween, we scooped out pumpkin guts, painted with glitter and channeled our creativity into pumpkin masterpieces. 

Our @bigail‘s pumpkin masterpiece.

The ladies at Miracle Thieves made the coordination of the workshop seamless and easy. We simply sent them our harebrained idea (“Here’s a craft! Now, how do we make it?”) and they created a custom workshop for us. If you just want to play around and connect with your inner child, Miracle Thieves also holds Open Studio on Wednesday evenings. At this pay-what-you-can craft night, activities range from creating greeting cards and collages to collaborative, interactive art projects. Stop by one night and find your inner craft.

Miracle Thieves is located at 249 Crawford St. Visit their website for more info or find them here on Twitter and Facebook

Yum, yum: the Pumpkin Patch

Throwing an adult Halloween party this weekend? Whip up a delicious, seasonal drink to serve to your guests. Or, drop by Quinn’s Steakhouse & Irish Bar and have them make it for you! 
Pumpkin Patch

1¼ oz. vanilla vodka
2 oz. orange juice
A dollop of canned sweetened pumpkin purée
A dash of nutmeg
Garnish: a small orange pumpkin candy
  • In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add vanilla vodka, orange juice, a dollop of canned sweetened pumpkin purée, and dash of nutmeg.
  • Shake well and strain into a Martini glass.
  • If you wish to add a garnish, take a tube of green icing and place a dab on the lip of the glass. “Glue” a small orange pumpkin candy to the icing.