Happy August Long Weekend!

So we’ve reached another summer milestone. The Civic holiday weekend has graced us with
its presence and we’re able to spend an extra day relaxing and soaking up the

This holiday seems to come for no specific reason at all,
which made us wonder why we’re allowed this extra day of summer bliss.  After some research we’ve discovered that the
reason we are able to sleep in today and enjoy some well-deserved R&R is
just exactly that – to relax, in an official capacity.
In Toronto, we call
this day Simcoe Day, after John Graves Simcoe, who came here in 1792 and
founded the city of York, which eventually became known as Toronto. The first Monday of August became an official
holiday in Toronto in the late 1800’s when the city council felt that the
people could use another “day of relaxation” in between the Canada Day and
Labour Day weekends.  Bravo!  A city politics decision we can get behind.

In honour of this official day meant specifically for us to
sit around and do nothing but read, watch TV, go to the gym or whatever it is
that you call relaxing, we have rounded up some of our favourite artists
straight outta’ Toronto.  We’ve compiled
an awesome group of songs and created a mini playlist that we hope will successfully
accompany this most fantastic of summer weekends.