Happy Boxing Day!

While many of you may be using this day to partake in Boxing Day sales madness, and others still fulfilling family obligations, some of us on the fourth floor are all about taking advantage of the laziest day of the
year to relax and play with all of our new toys.
 While the hectic holiday rush is over, the beautiful lights are still up
and the leftovers are still fresh, so go on. Put your feet up and follow
these simple steps for the ultimate veg day.

Get your Netflix on

Is there anything better than a guilt-free movie day?  We love streaming our fave classics like 16
and She’s All That without having to scour the Internet for a working
link or, god forbid, leaving the house to go to a video store (those are still
around in some places, right?)  We know what you’re
thinking – is Canadian Netflix really worth the $7.99 a month? YES! But don’t
take our word for it; use the free one month membership when you sign up to
decide for yourself. Still not impressed? Use a hotspot shield to hide your IP
address and dig into that sweet, sweet US Netflix (but you didn’t hear that
from us).

Order In

Lots of restaurants and grocery stores may
still be closed, or have limited hours. If you don’t have a wealth of leftovers to keep you satiated for the
day, don’t risk it. Check OrderIt.ca or
Just-Eat.ca to see what cravings you can satisfy without stepping out your
door. Remember, the origin of Boxing Day comes from the yearly tradition of
tipping and gifting all the household service people (housekeepers, handymen,
delivery drivers) so don’t forget to spread some of that post-holiday cheer.

Catch up on “me time”
Nobody wants to carry the stress
and troubles of the past year into the new one. Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to finish, have a bath, Skype your
long distance besties, paint your nails or hey – have an all-day nap. And you know, just
because you’re keeping it low key doesn’t mean you have to stay completely
sedentary. When was the last time you
went for a leisurely stroll, or did yoga in your living room? Everyone is
allowed to phone it in once in awhile, so you have the fourth floor’s permission
to Treat.Yo.Self. You’re welcome.

Meet Our Team: Never Have I Ever

You may think you know the players on the fourth floor, but do you know them? Really? Well, these girls have secrets you may never have guessed. We took an internal poll to find out “what’s something you’ve never done?” and, well, the answers (while not scandalous) are certainly surprising. 

Can you believe she’s never been there?

Take the quiz below and see if you can match up the rockiteer with their “Never Have I Ever”. And hey, we know this is supposed to be a drinking game. So, go ahead. Print this out, bring it to your holiday party and see who knows us best!

Who knows you better than Uncle Bing?

Never Have I Ever…

1. Seen an episode of The Cosby Show. People find this super weird. 
2. Gone to a movie by myself.
3. Had a Big Mac. Or eaten at Taco Bell.
4. Dyed my hair. 
5. Ridden a horse, though I have ridden a camel.
6. Eaten dim sum. I’ve even been to China.
7. Successfully navigated the PATH. 
8. Been to the top of the CN Tower
9. Lived by myself. Always with roommates or significant other. 
10. Touched a baby belly. 
11. Watched The Bodyguard. But I’m a big fan of that song
12. Gone to Kensington Market.
13. Popped a zit. It grosses me out in ways I cannot describe. 
14. Seen The GooniesLabyrinth or The Breakfast Club
Matching time!
Who said that?
a. Miriam
b. Abby
c. Natalie
d. Christie
e. Kylie
f. Michelle
g. Ashley D.
h. Ashley B. 
i. Cait
j. Meagan
k. Christina
l. Debra
m. Lisa
n. Haley

You’re done! How did you do?
1-g, 2-f, 3-h, 4-a, 5-n, 6-e, 7-i, 8-l, 9-b, 10-j, 11-d, 12-k, 13-c, 14-m

City Living: Holiday Cocktails

Ok, ok, we know the posts have been a
little booze-heavy lately but what do you expect? Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa,
Christmukkah, Festivus and every other culturally inclusive holiday can lead us toward the
liquor cabinet. That said, why not share these tasty holiday cocktails with your family and k
eep everyone in a holly, jolly festive mood?
Winter Pimm’s
Just when we thought we wouldn’t be able to
enjoy another fresh and delicious Pimm’s cup until next summer, Firkin Pubs
comes along and offers a winter version. All you’ll need is an ounce of Pimm’s,
half an ounce of brandy, 1.5 ounces of apple juice and a squeeze of fresh
orange juice. Shake all the ingredients together and pour over ice. Garnish
with a cinnamon stick or orange wheel (or both, if you’re feeling fancy).  

Pimm’s cups all year-round! Image source.
Mulled Wine
Evoking feelings of comfort, spice and everything nice, mulled wine is essentially a winter version of sangria that has been around since the 1800s (read: people have been drinking during the holidays for centuries). In a pot, add a bottle of wine (or two), two ounces of brandy, a dash of Angostura bitters (see here for where to buy), two or three cloves, three cinnamon sticks, three whole star anise, three whole peppercorns, a sliced orange and a handful of cranberries. Heat until steaming and serve punch-style or pour into individual glasses. Tip: use a full-bodied wine like Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz.
 Mmm, holiday in a cup. Image source.
Sidecar Reposado
“Tequila for the holidays?” you ask? Yes! Newly revamped REDS Wine Tavern has us covered for this simple winter cocktail. Combine 1.25 ounces of tequila, one ounce of Cointreau, half an ounce of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of egg white in a chilled shaker. Now shake it like a Polaroid picture and pour into a coupe glass. Top with lemon twist and a dash of orange bitters.

Tequila for the holidays, olé! Image source: REDS Wine Tavern.
This one comes courtesy of SPiN Torontoanother winter take on a Southern summer favourite. Can you can tell we’d trade in our jackets for jean shorts in a snap? Muddle three orange wedges with two bar spoons of brown sugar. Add ice, half an ounce of lemon juice, two ounces of peppermint tea, a dash of lemon bitters and (our favourite part) two ounces of Bulleit bourbon. Shake vigorously and serve in a mason jar topped with fresh mint and a wedge of orange.
This Julep is sure to make family dinners more fun. Image source: SPiN Toronto.

Hot Toddy
A classic cold weather drink, we’re sure Hot Toddies have cameo’d your holiday family gatherings. (Apparently they’re good for colds, wink wink.) In a mug, add one ounce of bourbon (but scotch or brandy will do too), a tablespoon of honey and two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. Top off with hot water and stir until honey is dissolved.
Warm up with a classic Hot Toddy. Image source.

What’s your favourite holiday drink? Tweet us @rockitpromo.

Rave: Holiday Dressing

So the start of the holiday season may still be a few weeks away
(Justin Bieber’s Christmas CD won’t be in rotation until December 1st. We’re counting down) but with
our busy schedules, and multiple holiday parties lined up, we’re already
planning our outfits (any excuse to wear metallic and sparkles!). Here are some
of our favourite looks for this holiday season.

Office party
If your holiday party is anything like ours, it starts off as a dinner but quickly becomes a dance party and sing-a-long. This Dallin Chase sequin dress will seamlessly take us from a tame dinner to the dance floor.

Buy it here.

Girls Christmas party
We want to be in the holiday spirit, but comfortable when
celebrating the holidays with our closest friends. These Fidelity Sheffield
Rose jeans fit the bill perfectly. Paired with a loose black blouse and pumps,
we’ll still be able to have an extra hors d’oeuvre (or two) and not have to worry
about exposing the inevitable food baby. 

Family Holiday Party
We LOVE this camilla and marc Great Fear Jacket to sport to
the family holiday party. The sleeves zip off – perfect for
hitting the town with cousins and siblings once the parents, aunts and
uncles have hit the hay after too much eggnog and spiced wine.

Boyfriend’s Family Holiday party
We want to look pretty, but classy for the boyfriend’s
holiday party. This PJK dress in maroon (the color of the season) is a perfect
feminine look for hanging with his g-ma & g-pa.

New Year’s Eve
The 3.1 Phillip Lim Sequin Collage Dress is the perfect
look for ringing in 2013. Crepe panels stand out on this sequinned shift dress that’s sure to 
start the year on the right foot. 

Fashion-able: Rent Frock Repeat

Every fall and spring we are inspired by the fashion and trends at LG Fashion Week. They encourage us to put together our best outfits and dress the part. At times though, this is easier said than done, when night after night we have to come up with something new and stylish. Lucky for us, (and now you) we found a solution that will keep our spending to a minimum, and keep us looking fabulous.
Rent Frock Repeat is a Toronto-based online store that rents designer dresses for a fraction of the retail price. It all started in August of 2010, when co-founders Lisa Delorme and Kristy Wieber created the company after both being invited to a wedding, and agreeing that they didn’t want to spend the time or money trying to find a dress they would only wear once. Determined to help women all over Canada with the same problem, they created Rent Frock Repeat, where renting a dress could not be an easier or a more affordable process.

Rent Frock Repeat owners, Lisa Delorme and Kristy Weiber.
By registering online and becoming a member, you’re able to save your measurements and create a wish list of your favourite dresses. As well, you receive emails that keep you up to date with the latest styles and designers offered on the website. After browsing and choosing your perfect dress, you decide when you want it to arrive and pay online. And, because they really have thought of everything, for every dress you order, they will send an extra back up size at no extra charge. Finally, after the wedding or party is over, all you have to do is put the dress back in a prepaid envelope and send it back.

How cute is this dress
With designers like Badgley Mischka, Christian Siriano, Nicole Miller and Shoshanna, you are definitely going to find the perfect dress. We also love all the Canadian designers that are offered, like David Dixon, Jay Godfrey and Pink Tartan.
As of this summer, Rent Frock Repeat has started holding trunk shows every few months, where members can come try on dresses, and add the ones they love to their wish list in person.  

Our intern Kylie got the opportunity to go to a trunk show at Rent Frock Repeat . Here is her account of the appointment. 

“I was lucky enough to be invited to the most recent RFR event and had a great time getting my make-up done, drinking wine, and most importantly, finding great clothes. I was thrilled to spot a gorgeous Shoshanna dress (pictured below) that I had been admiring online all summer. It’s a tad on the summery side, so I’ve added it to my wish list, and will hopefully be rocking it at the first party I get invited to next spring (I was told that depending on their condition, dresses tend to be available to rent for about a year).

This adorable Shoshanna dress has been added to Kylie’s wishlist.

How’s that for convenient? So next time you’re wanting a special piece, but don’t feel like making the commitment, check out their site and have a one night fling. Sometimes they are just what a girl needs.
Send us your pics of your fave Rent Frock Repeat dresses. Tweet us @rockitpromo

A holiday message for you

Happy holidays from all of us on the fourth floor! 
Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and fun holiday season.

Debra and the team

From left to right, top row – Carly, Rachelle, Lara, Christina, Matt, Alana and Abby
Bottom row – Debra, Michelle and Lisa